Debbie Aquino explains how you can help provide resources to children in need

Your donations and support can affect the lives of the children and families who need it most.

If there is one thing we have learned as a society from 2020, it is that it is essential that people come together in times of unprecedented change and unexpected challenges. COVID-19 left millions of people across the country (and the world) without jobs or income to support themselves and their families. With school closings and unemployment skyrocketing to new heights, families living in underserved areas were hit especially hard by the coronavirus crisis.

Fortunately, there are organizations like Kids Helping Kids Succeed that have been there to help those in need every step of the way. Founded by Debbie Aquino in 2012, Kids Helping Kids Succeed is a youth-led charity that provides children with the tools they need to be successful, including school supplies, tutoring, group activities, art programs, and celebrating important milestones like birthdays. and graduations. The organization specifically provides these resources to children living in homeless shelters and underserved school districts in Kendall, Hialeah, Bay Harbor, Miami-Dade and Broward counties of Florida.

Debbie originally came up with the idea for Kids Helping Kids Succeed when her son had a school project where she learned that nearly 50,000 children in Florida were living in shelters. With this heartbreaking statistic came her passion for helping others and spending her time giving back to the children of her local community. Since the launch of Kids Helping Kids Succeed, it has expanded to new heights and managed to continue operating despite the negative circumstances created by COVID-19.

In March 202, when the coronavirus shutdown began, social workers from local schools contacted the charity due to an urgent need to provide assistance to families with children with special needs, many of whom had lost their income. . They started a grassroots movement to collect and deliver weekly basic supplies and non-perishable items. They have been delivering these essential items ever since. Initially, Kids Helping Kids Succeed delivered 30 boxes of needed resources to families in need, and now they deliver up to 150 boxes to families in the community.

In addition to helping with problems directly caused by COVID-19, Kids Helping Kids Succeed has also been involved in recovering from other national and international crises. They recently expanded their work to help children who have survived natural disasters. Their mission is to provide food, clothing and toys to children in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and to deliver medical supplies for children in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

All of the charity’s work depends entirely on volunteers and donations from the community. If you want to be a part of the positive impact too, you can sign up to volunteer or donate resources to Kids Helping Kids Succeed at Debbie and her organization have many plans to continue expanding their work and its impact on families in the community, so any support is greatly appreciated.

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