Dave Shah: From Kitesurfer to Global CEO

A company is only as strong as the people behind it, and the team that runs Wve Labs is led by its CEO, Dave Shah, who co-founded the company in 2015. Dave began his first endeavor in 2011, at the age of 13. as a professional kitesurfer, sponsored by brands such as GoPro, Maui Jim and Dakine.

When not kitesurfing, Dave attended high school in Orange County and while there he created Crave on Campus, a mobile app created to help college students easily order food while on campus. Throughout the development process, Dave noticed several issues and saw room for improvement across the board. With this in mind, Dave founded Wve Labs and began the journey of helping both start-ups and established businesses.

Using his experience while developing Crave on Campus with a third-party developer, Dave founded Wve Labs with a mission to provide excellent service while optimizing the development process to deliver the best possible value. As a company made up of a young and dynamic group of analysts, consultants, developers, marketers and engineers with extensive business experience, Wve Labs can help any type of company, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Dave imparts his tenacity and innovation to everyone who works at Wve Labs, with the company always pushing the boundaries from a technological standpoint. With the ability to develop technology on all platforms, including iOS, Android and Web, Wve Labs emphasizes quality in all the projects it works on and does not shy away from the use of cutting-edge technologies to offer its clients the most effective platform possible. . . Beyond mobile development, Wve Labs also provides branding and graphic design services, UI / UX design, web development, and digital marketing services, making them a true one-stop-shop for their clients.

While Wve Labs has such a diverse product offering, it is no surprise that its CEO leads an equally diverse and fulfilling life outside of company management. Beyond leading an innovative digital product design and technical development agency (and being a pilot, avid skier, and admirer of architecture and woodworking), Dave Shah is a member of the Young Entrepreneurial Council and the Forbes Technology Council. You use your positions in these organizations to pass on your past experiences to your colleagues, to share your views on the benefits of horizontal organizational structure, and generally to learn and help those around you learn as well. Dave was recently invited to sit down with Forbes, as the “Forbes 8 Mastermind,” to discuss what it takes to create successful business partnerships, among other things. The enthusiasm with which Dave approaches anything in life is exactly what led him to create a company that now has offices in three countries, over thirty employees, and is dedicated to building beautiful, comprehensive platforms that solve world problems. real.

You can follow him on Instagram – @daveshah_

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