Darnel goes from serving his country to serenading his fans

Xavier Darnel Singletary makes a living as an enlisted personal trainer in the United States Armed Forces, but his true passion revolves around his musical creativity. The artist chose his middle name, Darnel, as his stage name because he believes it is representative of his personal growth from childhood to adulthood. Darnel is much wiser and more mature than the young man he was when he grew up in Alabama, and his fans should take note of this. Darnel’s mental and emotional development is clearly reflected in his music.

Darnel considers himself quite versatile when it comes to the specific genre of music he is inclined to make. Although he refers to himself as a rapper, the distinctive sound he seeks in his songs is entirely dependent on his emotional state at the time he works on them. Darnel mentions that his interest in making music was first sparked when he was a child around the age of six. No one in Darnel’s family was in the entertainment industry, and his parents didn’t want him to become a musician. Darnel lacked the tools to even remotely entertain his musical interests, and had been determined to leave his hometown long before joining the military.

For a bit over the past three years, Darnel has been living in Japan. He is not yet fluent in Japanese, but he has learned enough words to avoid getting into trouble. The artist believes that most of the natives he has come into contact with in Japan have been very supportive of his presence. One of the friends Darnel made overseas had been promoting another friend’s music when Darnel finally decided to ask where people go to record songs in Japan. Darnel’s friend introduced Darnel to a Japanese producer and a small studio. Although his producer may not be the most fluent in English, Darnel is confident that he will soon be able to create a coherent body of music for people all over the world to enjoy.

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