Craig Seigel is always there to help people elevate their human performance through his company Cultivate Lasting Symphony:

Craig Siegel is a famous mindset coach who is also an entrepreneur, performance enhancer, host of the record-breaking podcast, and is also an innovative manufacturer.

In his early life, after graduating in the field of finance and entrepreneurship, he began his career on Wall Street, where he found success, but soon after realized that this was not the life he wanted to live. His passion for helping people and inspiring them to excel and reach their potential made him realize that he wants to live a life to help people and thus launched his brand Cultivate Lasting Symphony during the pandemic. of covid 19.

Craig’s brand Cultivate Lasting Symphony represents hope, faith, transformation and progress. CLS represents advances in manufacturing in all facets of life. Its goal is to improve the mindset of people to cultivate their stories and transform them.

Studies have shown that over the years, people lack direction on their path and they also lack motivation to keep going. In those times, each and everyone needs a push from someone who can really help them find their direction. Therefore, CLS is the boost that people need to transform themselves and eventually achieve the desired goals. As a mindset coach, Craig is always looking to guide them on their journey and be the best version of themselves.

The CLS brand today has grown into a 7 multi-figure empire in just 16 months since its launch. It is also associated with the CLS Experience Podcast. The app got more than 100k downloads in the first three months of its release.

Currently, they are planning to start a foundation called Special People Rise that will help tutor children at a very young age so they can receive guidance when they need it most. Craig also looks forward to touring the world, filling stadiums, speaking about transformations, and helping people achieve that growth mindset while continuing to cultivate the most amazing and engaging community. Therefore, Craig Seigel has created a brand that not only provides mentorship, but also helps people transform their mindset and stands out as one of the best mindset coaches in the industry.

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