Cirok Starr & One Hunned giving back to the community

Two Asian American hiphop artists are giving back to the community. They want to influence and make it a trend to keep the culture alive. Their names are Cirok Starr and One Hunned. You may have heard them from their hit single “Another Bottle” that instantly went viral on YouTube. Highly respected in the Asian community, these two artists combined have over a million views on YouTube. That said, these two are definitely a dynamic dual like Batman and Robin.

Cirok and One Hunned always want to give back to the community, be it a show or just helping the neighborhood however they can. They recently painted a 40-foot trailer for the Wat temple in Bonner Springs, Kansas. These two painted for 6 hours in 90 degree weather just to show their love and appreciation for the culture. Armed with just a brush and paint roller, the dynamic duo created beautiful works of art for the community to see. Cirok and One not only donated time, but also raised money for Buddhist temples across the country. We really need more people like that in the world we live in today. Cirok Starr and One Hunned are truly blessed. The two are currently on tour together performing their hit songs. Help them clean up the community or just catch the party vibes. You can catch them in your own city by following their social networks.


Cirok Starr @CirokStarr

One Hunned @ImOneHunned

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