Changing London’s hemp landscape: Alec De Layno Martin (Astyle Alive) and Tranquil Store gearing up for the UK

London is buzzing for January 2021 despite the Covid-19 pandemic that changed our lives forever. This excitement comes entirely from the anticipation of The Hemp Show. Rasb Media’s 3-day event will take place in Olympia, London, January 29-31, 2021, and is scheduled to attract over 5,000 of the best business owners, retailers, buyers, acquisitions, distributors / hemp wholesalers. Pharmacists and investors from all corners of the world. One of the most anticipated attendees at this showcase is Alec De Layno Martin and his revolutionary hemp brand, Tranquil Store.

Tranquil Store is a US-based premium e-commerce company serving athletes, fitness professionals, and health and wellness experts. The newcomer took the entire industry by storm just over four months ago. A niche was immediately carved out, despite the industry’s competitive landscape. The reason for this viral acceptance is not far-fetched. Alec, also known as Astyle Alive, has accomplished something that no other brand has ever accomplished; extraordinary attention to detail and a never-before-seen range that offers exceptional value to customers.

“Tranquil Store was started to help ourselves, professionals, athletes, health and wellness experts, and the rest of the world.” Our products are available all over the world to everyone like us, ”says Alec, the store’s founder.

What makes this brand so different is the wide variety of products, creating a new level of diversity in the market tailored to consumers.

“We offer premium hemp products,” Alec informs us. We have a variety of products for everyone, from infused toothpicks to lollipops. We also offer creams, a variety of oils, soft gels and treats for pets. “

The background and history of the Tranquil Store are almost as unique as its product range. According to the founder, the Store was born entirely out of the need to close an unnoticed market gap.

Alec has conquered various industries since the age of 18, starting a chain of businesses in fashion, media, entertainment and real estate. Due to his busy lifestyle, De Layno regularly suffers from pain and anxiety, and finds it difficult to relax and sleep. This led him to seek various solutions to his problem. In the middle of her search, she ran into Hemp.

Once he confirmed that it was an effective remedy, he immediately began to think about bringing this solution to more people who had similar anxiety and insomnia problems. Alec’s concept has constantly evolved into the Tranquil Store. It is evident that he only considers one factor in business; the client. “We highly value the feedback from our customers. Our goal is to create the best experience over and over again. You could contact us several times during the day, and that experience you receive would be like your first meeting. “

January cannot come soon enough, and we will be watching how this revolutionary brand will transform the way London and the entire world views hemp.

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