CG Beats: the producer fighting for his passion

Following your dreams requires hard work, dedication, and making the hardest sacrifices – all things CG Beats is more than familiar with at this point in its young and fledgling career. Evolving year after year, CG Beats is poised to have an explosive emergence in the world of music.

Growing up in Florida, CG Beats took a calculated approach to landing where it is today. From making iTunes playlists to learning how to DJ, he learned everything he could from whatever task he found himself doing to become the producer he is now, working with rappers like Stitches and Uncle Murda.

However, difficulties have prevailed for the young producer, prompting CG Beats to make some of the hardest decisions of his life. “I sacrificed my 10-year relationship and commitment for my brand and my music career.” Now, with their time and energy fully dedicated to their craft, CG Beats is working to finish production on an upcoming album by a rising Chilean artist.

Follow CG Beats on Instagram, @iamcgbeats, and on their website,

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