Celebrity Chris Gayle is promoting 10Cric casino in India

My editor told me that I should introduce Chris Gayle in the first paragraph, so I said, “Are you kidding me?” Even if you’re as distant from cricket as a fish from heaven, you probably still know who Chris Gayle is! But we are all fans of cricket (and gambling) here, right? (And if not, what are you doing here?)

I’ve seen bowlers shake when this man comes out with his piece of wood (what he calls a ‘bat’, but I’m sure it’s Thor’s hammer). How can you forget his astonishing 175 * races at the 2013 IPL!

But Gayle has been doing more than just cricket as of late; has released a song of its own (it has a few moves, I’m telling you!) and is promoting cricket betting in association with 10Cric.

What Chris Gayle had to say

Our friend from Jamaica had some very sweet words to say about his partnership with 10Cric. He expressed his delight in representing such a reputable online casino and looked forward to a fruitful collaboration for years to come. From what he said, he seemed quite impressed by how the 10Cric casino cares for its cricket fans. He also applauded the product, also known as cricket betting, and mentioned how fun and entertaining it would be for all cricket fans.

And when a man with 10,000 runs in T20 cricket says something, you sit back and listen!

Reasons Chris Gayle is the face of 10Cric

For all Chris Gayle and gambling fans, this must be your dream come true, right? Christmas came early, right? In the words of the folks at 10Cric, “Betting has a new boss!” and we definitely support this.

The star of the cricket industry and the star of the gambling industry have teamed up! Personally, I am very excited to see what this ‘partnership’ has in store for fans like me.

You must be wondering why someone Chris Gayle’s stature would promote 10Cric. The answer is pretty obvious: they are offering you crazy money, haha! Money is not everything (or is it?).

Seriously, there are other reasons 10Cric deserves a brand ambassador like Chris Gayle, and let us tell you today:

Simple withdrawal and deposit

We know that none of you have the time or energy to spend hours trying to make a deposit or withdraw your money. There are already enough things in your life to worry about and you don’t want your online casino to be something else, do you?

10Cric has made sure that the entire process, from depositing funds to withdrawing them, is as nonchalant as a Chris Gayle six! Not only this, they also offer a variety of payment methods. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to use your preferred payment method at an online casino?

10Cric accepts deposits and withdrawals through:

Bank Transfer Mastercard Maestro Visa Neteller India Skrill India Bitcoin

Live betting

You are not a true gambler if the idea of ​​live betting, in an online casino, does not give you an adrenaline rush! And adrenaline is what Gayle is all about. Yes, pre-match betting is fun, but live betting is the most important thing.

You can bet on any match, it doesn’t matter if you bet on the crucial first or last 10 minutes. The chance to bet live helps you be part of the action until the end. And for your information, 10Cric has a blog dedicated to making cricket predictions for upcoming matches!

Promote responsible gambling

As flamboyant as Gayle is, he too sometimes just brakes his natural instincts and plays a responsible tackle for the team! Running an online casino comes with a great responsibility not to let a hobby turn into an addiction.

To ensure that all players are protected from such addictions, the casino has put a limit on the amount of deposit that can be made in a day, a week and a month. Also, if it’s already a problem for you and you can’t seem to get out of their clutches, they have the necessary support available for that too.

All of this should make you feel comfortable. But if such limitations irritate you, maybe you’re a gambling addict (and you’re not getting any rewards! Want a ticket to rehab?)

You can bet in Indian currency

Imagine earning a considerable amount but losing half in exchange rates. It hurts, right? Don’t worry, 10Cric isn’t your ex, he’s not breaking your heart! They allow you to bet in rupees so that when you win, you win in your own currency. In fact, 10cric is listed on upicasinos.in as one of the most convenient online casinos for Indian players.

However, this does not mean that Indian players cannot opt ​​for any other currency. It’s okay if you prefer dollars, euros, or pounds; You can choose them too!

Offers and more offers

The Gayle-10Cric association comes with new offers for you! 10Cric has come up with some pretty attractive offers to promote this alliance. I have selected a list of all available offers.

The Boss IPL Welcome Packet

Make your first deposit of 1,000 INR and you’ll get an additional 2,000 INR in free bets. You will have a total of INR 3,000 to bet on. This is a great deal for your journey to becoming a bookmaker!

Casino treble welcome

For the first three deposits, you will get three great incentives worth up to INR 70,000 in total! Not only that, but you’ll also get a free sports bet or free spins on The King to help you improve your balance even more. Sounds good to me, and you?

Live Casino Boss Bonanza

This is for all the live casino lovers! All you need to do is bet a minimum of INR 2,000 on live casino games and then accept the promotion pop-up to get a free IPL bet of INR 500!

I can already feel the sparkle in your eyes from all the excitement! What are you waiting for? Go play with your heart (and hopefully not all your money)!

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