Bring your voice to life with SoundWavePic

Everyone knows that fingerprints are unique, but the sound is also unique. Sound produces sound waves, and while it is difficult for us to see, there is a way to extract it.

SoundWavePic is the place where you can create an image of the sound waves that you or your loved ones create. The website offers a free sound editor. You can visit the site and try sound wave art for free. These things are also some of the perfect Soundwave Art gifts for your loved ones.

All you have to do is record the voice or the sound. Then the online editor will convert the sound into the image of a sound wave. If you want to keep the desired part, trim the audio and then continue to style the image.

There are options that will allow you to play with the design. One can customize the shape and color of the sound wave, add text to it, adjust the spacing between the sound wave bars, set their thickness, tons of customization options.

After that, you can download it as a digital format (PDF and SVG) and print it on your own. Or you can ask SoundWavePic to send you the image. Shipping is free throughout the US and free to many other countries as well.

SoundWavePic allows you to create a work of art with your voice. It is an excellent gift option. One can create the sound waves of their wedding vows, create the design and hang it in their new home. Or you can create the voice image of your baby’s first words and use it as a keepsake.

There are many ways to generate beautiful images through sounds, and SoundWavePic can provide it for free.

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