Brett Knutson, surprisingly said serial entrepreneur, is the modern inventor of startups and is credited with starting several seven- to eight-figure companies in various industries. Some of his past companies include Mediphone, Hive, and Amare. He began his entrepreneurial spirit at the age of eighteen and has forged a name that appropriately encapsulates his career and work. In a recent interview, Brett sits down to answer some of the most frequently asked questions he receives.

M: You are often called a serial entrepreneur; How old were you when you found out you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

B: I met my first entrepreneur when I was 18 years old, he was a boy who was the father of some girls with whom I went to high school and who were a couple of years older than me. They did not live in the town where I lived, they lived in a town a little further away, he was a commercial real estate developer and had sold his portfolio at age 42 for more than 140 million dollars. Apparently he saw something in me that made him want to take me under his wing. He was my first mentor, and we actually ended up starting our own business together, it was my first company. Raise 6 figures in funds from family and friends.

Brett then goes on to explain how this first business venture was a failure, but that’s only part of the business journey. Although it took him to bottom, he was able to recover and return to normal: “Hive was a company backed by venture companies, we raised millions of dollars in Silicon Valley. He didn’t know anyone, not a soul, in the Bay Valley area, so he was sleeping on the floor of an illegally modified house with a bunch of other people. There was a family of 7 living in one of the rooms, each part of the house was modified to be a bedroom, even the garage ”.

Brett ends the interview with advice, saying, “You have to follow the advice of people in the specific area where you want to be successful.” Your innovative strategies, your genuine passion for helping others, and your ability to create good businesses will keep you on top for a long time.

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