Book brings a model’s dreams to life

Model and Instagram influencer Raja Syn found her life transformed by Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” a kind of parable about two men, one who worked hard but never achieved financial security, and the other who invested wisely. to be financially independent. .

For Raja, that book, endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith, among others, was the catalyst for her to take her life in hand and do exactly what she always wanted to do, knowing that working for herself would serve her much better while giving her a better life. chance of success.

“I used to feel comfortable working every day for someone else,” said the former vegan restaurant worker, who chose to throw it all out and move to California to pursue her modeling career after briefly attending the University of Maryland, where she earned a qualification. her in a foreign language (Chinese) before realizing that higher education did not seem like the right path for her.

Then, he picked up the book on how to secure a comfortable financial future.

“It completely changed my idea of ​​life,” he said of the 1997 book, which has drawn both praise and criticism since its publication. “In that same month, I started to take influence seriously.”

She moved to Atlanta, which seemed like a better fit for her, and within a year, her Instagram account grew to 300,000 followers who tune in regularly to watch her latest jaw-dropping photo shoots.

“I got a lot of support from other influencers and celebrities,” said the Jamaican-born model, who grew up in both Brooklyn and Baltimore, where she developed her work ethic.

Hard work is key

For Raja, hard work is the catalyst for his success, and he tackles it relentlessly.

“When I’m not working, chances are I’m still working,” he said. “I’m a very determined person, so when I have a goal in mind, it’s the only thing I’m thinking about.”

She hits the gym every day to maintain a body she sculpts with grueling workouts: “I’m 100 percent natural, no surgery, but I hone my image in the gym,” she said. – And she considers different directions to chart her career, including a possible musical concert and writing her own book.

“I aspire to be a TV personality with my own show,” she said.

You may also consider throwing in some fitness routines to help others shape their own bodies into snake curves.

In addition to Instagram, Raja currently does paid photo shoots, music videos, has a platform on Onlyfans, and dabbles in cryptocurrency trading.

He’s also considering branching out into music, though that’s not a certainty.

“I can sing, but I’m not really focused on a music career,” she added. “It could happen. Right now, I’m just moving where the universe takes me.”

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