Bitspawn makes esports accessible to gamers

Bitspawn is a new blockchain technology that aims to help players find new sources of income for their skills. And your target market? Anyone who plays video games. That’s correct, anyone. Sure, it would be nice to have a large following in the gaming world, but even without them, Bitspawn offers sources of income for anyone who wants to play, regardless of skill level.

Founder Eric Godwin, an avid gamer, saw a hole in the market. Aware of the difficult situation in esports, with players subject to abusive contracts, entry barriers and prize fraud, he created Bitspawn, which offers pioneering esports software that protects gamers. Bitspawn’s cutting-edge event curation, player development tools, analytics, and SPWN tokens take out the predatory publishers, planners, and streaming providers that previously dominated the industry.

The design behind Bitspawn is based on seamless automation of all processes to maximize revenue streams. Until now, very few gamers were rewarded for their participation in esports. Bitspawn offers a gaming platform to win that allows everyone to play and win money at the same time. The blockchain-based tournament platform enables players of various skill levels, as well as developers and organizers, to benefit from their talents. Additionally, sponsors and advertising can reach a growing audience through Bitspawn. It is a known fact that gamers consume and follow esports at a higher rate than regular sports fans. This presents advertisers with a seemingly limitless market.

Bitspawn is building on the Solana platform to provide profitable gaming experiences to the world’s two billion gamers, avoiding scale concerns such as layer 2 protocol implementation.

PoR and Bitspawn

In order to facilitate scaling, Bitspawn is on the way to using the PoR algorithm – Proof or Respawn – to complement Solana’s original PoS consensus process. The PoR token mechanism pushes players to compete and create their own competitions, while maintaining the platform’s reward structure. This will allow ‘skill-based’ algorithms to distribute tokens and can connect with existing game APIs to align profits between players, creators and marketers in order to drive growth.

Key people:

▪︎ Eric Godwin (Founder)

▪︎ Alex Lan (Co-founder)

▪︎ Lukas Kamandulis (Co-founder)

▪︎ Rhys Boulanger (Co-founder)

They all have a background in blockchain, e-sports, and marketing and have already worked on a variety of projects.

The company is believed to be worth $ 9 million.

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