Bilal Junaid does not come from luxury but has created an empire that is inspiring the youth.

Bilal Junaid is the founder of a venture capital firm by the name of Genblock Capital in Silicon Valley. He is also a board member of some technology companies like APY Finance and ZeroSwap. As a venture capitalist, Bilal has helped finance and grow numerous start-ups by offering them professional advice along with financing. Bilal works with some of the biggest players in the venture capital industry.

Through his fund, Bilal has disbursed more than $30 million to numerous tech companies in the US, Asia and the EU. His interest largely lies in AR/VR and blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is showing signs of being able to dominate the business world in the very near future and has grown tremendously compared to before.

Bilal has a background in the technology industry. Graduated in mechatronic engineering, Bilal found his way in the world of technology even before graduating. He was doubling as a student and distributed systems worker at Amazon Web Services. He was also given the opportunity to work with a startup funded by Accel, one of the Valley’s leading venture capital firms. He was a senior engineer at Prezi for four years, working in San Francisco.

Bilal’s journey and success in the venture capital industry is a good example of what can be achieved with sheer determination and a hunger for success. She comes from a middle-class family that knew little or nothing about business. She is the first person in her family to start a business and create a luxurious environment for them. She has inspired not only her family but also millions of other young entrepreneurs around the world. She has shown that all dreams are attainable as long as you stay focused and work hard.

Today, Bilal is one of the creative minds in the venture capital industry. It implies that this is a perfect era, where starting a business only requires a social media account. Traditional ways are no longer applicable and we have to change with the times.

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