BezKnowsTalent & 87thelabel go on tour

With the world returning to normal, fans are eager to see their favorite artists perform. Now, with a nearly sold out tour, it’s clear to see why BezKnowsTalent is excited to be performing again. 87thelabel will host a 14-city tour beginning in Columbus, Ohio on May 21, 2021.

87thelabel is known for throwing some of the craziest events, and the reason for this is because they always tend to bring in some of the best new talent in music. BezKnowsTalent is signed to 87thelabel, which has a partnership with Universal Music Group. The latest single from BezKnowsTalent fell with 87thelabel in the iTunes top 50 and also in the DRT top 25 for 5 weeks.

He will release an EP in June and has just released a new single on Spotify as a “warm-up” for the tour. If you’re eager to find out more about the tour dates, who’s involved, and where you can buy tickets, you can follow his Instagram below:

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