Best-selling author Stephon Hendricks rises to the top of the music industry as a vocal artist

Stephon Hendricks / Hendrix Sky, a multifaceted personality, is on our list of top influencers in 2020. Stephon Hendricks is known for his writing skills and is highly rated as a best-selling author. His books are available on Amazon and many of his songs are streamed on some of the best music platforms.

Stephon Hendricks, mentor to platinum music artist Snow and featured on the DVD of his album Two Hands Clapping, was able to marinate knowledge of the musical game.

Stephon has the quality that all the best authors have: creative writing. He has had the # 1 best-selling author title and best new release of his two releases in various categories. He is becoming a big name for online bloggers and is influencing many with his inspiring blog posts.

All famous writers have that little detail that sets them apart from the rest. In Stephon’s writing, you will always clearly understand your thoughts that are reflected in your writing. Write with precise detail and a strong vocabulary. However, his job is not as easy as many would suppose; people always expect things out of the box from him, but he always delivers. His observation skills are amazing; it can also be seen in his books. Stephon has impressed many big names like Simon Marcus, who was so impressed with his book that he republished his book and asked his followers to buy the Stephon Hendricks book. Here is the link:

So far we’ve covered Stephon as a writer, but now let’s talk about him as a musician. For several years he has been growing musically and finding his place in the hearts of music lovers. Stephon Hendricks has a fantastic musical sense and has hit the charts.

Here is a list of some of their hit singles:

Stephon Hendricks Feat Harvey Stripes – Make Love to Me

Stephon Hendricks – Up in the Air (2020)

Stephon Hendricks – Bump Tonight (2015)

Stephon Hendricks – Without You (2011)

In addition to his singles, Stephon Hendricks was also part of an R&B group called Notice. They released a single and music video in 2012 called S * x Tape with a preview of their upcoming single, Mrs Bartender. The music premiered on Toronto’s largest music channel – MUCH Music.

Stephon Hendricks is a talent that we believe will make him even greater in life, as he has all the potential and skills to rise to the top in the entertainment industry, such as singing and writing, and we believe that he is not far from success. you have obtained. deserves in your life.

You can check his website and follow him on social media here:

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