Best Online Tutorials for Cross Browser Testing with Selenium

Cross-browser testing is the most crucial way to analyze the performance of a website or web application across all browsers and devices that can ensure compliant behavior exists.

Today, cross-browser testing is becoming a vital aspect due to the availability of countless browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Importance of cross-browser testing

Once the product has been developed, it would be necessary to check the performance of your website in different browsers. Setting this expectation will help users understand if your web application is incompatible with any browser. In addition, it clarifies the technology and features that may or may not be possible within the products. With minor bugs, the webmaster’s job becomes easier.

Cross-browser testing offers a solid, aesthetic experience to all potential customers. The QA and developer team often run into some difficulties, therefore with cross-browser testing they can manage their time well.

Cross-browser testing with selenium

Selenium WebDriver, in general, is a web framework that will allow you to run tests between browsers. This is a tool that is used for the automation of tests of web-based applications to verify their functionality.

With Selenium WebDriver, you get the benefit of choosing the programming language for creating test scripts. Selenium WebDriver is generally an innovation over Selenium RC to overcome some of the limitations. Lacks handling of various aspects of windows. Fortunately, you can overcome this inconvenience after they employ equipment like Auto It, etc.

In simple words, cross-browser testing with Selenium is a procedure for testing web applications in multiple browsers in parallel.

Today, selenium is making amazing changes and taking a step towards improvement. Anyone can integrate Selenium with some other tools as an integral part of cross-browser testing efforts.

Selenium is one of the most important frameworks for the web, but there are also some alternatives.

It is a complex task to test across many browsers and mobile devices, so this will require a lab setup that should always be up to date. This is one of the reasons why all web applications on all platforms use Selenium WebDriver.

Top 7 Cross Browser Testing Tutorials is a leading technology company that has passion and has helped around 5,000 global companies to achieve digital transformation at a drastic level. Using value stream management as its weapon, brings together many ingenious technologies, clever planning, application protection, software delivery, and artificial intelligence conversion into a unified value stream platform. offers cross-browser testing setup with its selenium grid tutorial. Starting with an overview of selenium and then describing the evolution of selenium. The architecture of the selenium grid is explained here, including:

Selenium Grid Concentrator Selenium Grid Node

The complexities of configuring a network are also available and you will get the guide to install and configure the network in several steps:

Install Java and configure environmental variables Download and install Selenium Server Configure the hub machine Configure the Selenium grid node

Take the SeeTest to take your Selenium Grid to an innovative stage!

LambdaTest Learning Center

LambdaTest is known to be one of the best cross-browser testing platforms that has the ability to perform automated and interactive testing across all browsers. It operates on many online device systems. It is basically a developer friendly browser that has the ability to offer mobile website views on many devices with live testing along with modifications.

With LambdaTest Learning Hub, you get a perfect guide and module to understand how cross-browser testing really works with the help of some tutorials.

Here, you can see various aspects starting from the overview followed by the full explanation of the cross-browser testing.

Choosing the correct browser list and various types of cross-browser testing are explained in detail here. Get perfect knowledge about the main challenges and solutions and tips and tricks to get the best cross-browser testing experience.

LambdaTest has its YouTube page where you can watch videos for more interactive resources and understand how you can advance cross-browser testing using Selenium.


An advantage of SmartBear is that it makes use of all the cross-browser testing tools and adds them to your process. This will take you to an innovative level of operations. It’s easy to add all of this to your methods and this can lead to a level-up trade.

At SmartBear, you will be offered a comprehensive guide to cross-browser testing and questions like who will perform these tests, what is the need to test the website and test planning checklist, and much more. Here, you can see the quick start with various tutorials on live testing, visual testing, local testing, and recording and playback. Some of the technical requirements that can be seen here are:

Live tests Visual tests Automated tests Local tests Test runs Account management integration

You can also gain insight into the APIs at Cross Browser Testing while checking out support and resources.


The perfect website for you if you want to understand the complete advanced set of knowledge of cross-browser testing using Selenium Webdriver. Starting with a basic understanding of cross-browser testing and the need to make use of cross-browser testing with selenium web drivers.

They explain that for cross-browser testing using a selenium web driver, all of that is accomplished with the use of TestNG’s parameter features. The parameters are supposed to be passed from the TestNG.xml file and based on these parameters, Selenium is able to start the browsers. You can even run any kind of test in parallel in two different browsers. The steps followed are:

Step 1- Write the test case

Step 2- Create testng.xml and specify

Step 3- Run this XML file

Step 4: Lastly, check this output.

MDN web documents

The perfect hub for all beginners who want to know everything from the basics to practical knowledge of cross-browser testing using Selenium Web Driver, MDN Web Docs offers you a comprehensive module.

You can find a comprehensive article that kicks off the module by providing an overview of the (cross) browser testing topic and answering questions such as “What is cross-browser testing?”, “What are the most common types of problems you might encounter? deal with? ”and“ What are the main approaches to testing, identifying and solving these problems? ”

Along with this, you can also see the performance of the tests in various browsers which is perfectly explained along with several common reporting errors. There are extensive topics that are available on the website with some tutorials and general knowledge.

SW Testing Academy

By visiting this website, you will see amazing descriptions and instances on test automation, performance testing, and many more topics similar to this one. Its aim is to offer you a comprehensive and innovative tutorial along with the help of instances that are based on some real topics like Selenium WebDriver and many more with similar interests. You can also find various articles based on software testing, agile, algorithms, key performance indicators, metrics, etc.

The website will offer you some of the best and important examples of cross-browser testing in Selenium. Some of the valuable ideas here are:

What is a Selenium remote web controller? Browser cross-testing on Selenium with the Firefox driver Browser cross-testing with HTMLUnit Driver Ghost Driver (PhantomJS) Browser cross-testing with the Chrome driver IE driver MS Edge driver Opera driver Safari driver Common issues of cross-testing between browsers in Selenium

Software testing help

This website has been helping its users since 2006. Software testing Help is one of the most prominent portals for webmasters and software professionals with almost 100 million visits and 3 billion followers. There are various tutorials on QA testing, development, software tools, and service reviews and more that you will love here. The one-stop-shop for you if you want a comprehensive guide to what cross-browser testing is and how it actually works is available in Software Testing Help.

The summary of the information available on this website is:

What is cross browser testing? Why is it done? Who performs this test? How to test in various browsers? Recommended tools

# 1) Test Lambda

# 2) Cross-browser testing

When to start this test? What to try To summarize “how to” test across multiple browsers When is the best time to do this?

In summary

We hope this blog post helped you understand the best online tutorials for cross-browser testing with Selenium Web Driver. Based on my research, these are some of the websites that offer excellent outline, content, testimonials, and videos. They provide a basic understanding of cross-browser testing and provide a module for further understanding. I hope that helps!

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