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Discord is a unique social media platform on the internet. Unlike other social networks, when Discord started operating, it initially targeted the gaming community. Since then, Discord has become a must-use media channel for gamers and streamers.

However, in the last year or two, Discord has started to gain popularity among digital marketers, brands, and even streamers as a monetizable platform. Discord has the potential to be one of the most effective social media marketing channels.

Discord’s unique interface and the ability to add automation is what sets it apart from other media. Through a discord, a company can fully automate its marketing strategies. This is possible thanks to tools known as Discord bots. In this article, we will discuss what Discord bots are and how you can create them.

What are Discord bots?

Discord bots are third party tools that can be added to your Discord servers. These bots help automate marketing strategies, customer service, and more, helping you make your Discord server a better place.

They help improve and enhance the overall user experience of your Discord server. There are many different things a Discord bot can do, from server moderation to user onboarding. To help understand the usefulness of a Discord bot, you should be aware of the benefits of creating a Discord bot.

Benefits of creating Discord bots

Before explaining the benefits of Discord bots, we need to understand the context of why they have become so popular. Discord servers can have millions of members. As a server grows, it can be extremely difficult for server owners and moderators to manage.

Discord bots were created to help server owners and moderators maintain the integrity of a server by taking care of minor tasks. Since then, they have grown to have a multitude of uses and applications within servers. From a support perspective, this is what a Discord bot can do for your server:

Moderation: The Discord servers are confluences of many people from different backgrounds. Moderation helps maintain a youthful atmosphere throughout the server. A moderation bot ensures that users don’t swear, talk about forbidden things on the server, and much more.
User onboarding: New users may find your Discord server overwhelming. A user onboarding bot guides its new users on the rules, regulations, etc. from your server.
Entertainment: Certain bots on a Discord server can be created for sheer entertainment. These bots play music, create mini-games, share jokes, and much more.

From a marketing perspective, a Discord bot can help you gather information. Discord bots can act as lead generation chatbots for your marketing strategies. For example, you are introducing a new product and you want your users to pre-order. You can create a Discord bot that can guide your users and take pre-orders from them.

How to Create a Discord Bot

Discord bots are very easy to create. Since the concept of Discord bots became popular, the community within Discord worked and created Discord bots on their own. You can simply go to and use pre-made Discord bots within your Discord server.

However, these Discord bots are a bit limited. These bots were built with a specific purpose in mind, and while some of them are flexible, they may not fully meet your Discord needs. This is why it can be important to create your own custom Discord bots for certain situations.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to create great Discord bots. In fact, you can create Discord without coding. The no-code development platform, Appy Pie, provides two great alternative ways to build Discord bots for business.

Both ways have been tried and tested on hundreds of Discord servers, which means you can create Discord bots with peace of mind and without coding.

Building a Discord bot through Chatbots

The first way to build a Discord bot is to use their codeless chatbot builder, Appy Pie Chatbot.

Appy Pie Chatbot allows you to select the type of Discord bot you want to create, choose a layout, and create the conversation flow for your Discord bot. Once you are done with that, you can simply embed the chatbots on your servers.

However, just like normal bots, there are limits to what you can do with a Discord chatbot. Appy Pie offers another extremely capable solution for those looking for fully customizable Discord bots.

Building a Discord bot with Workflow Automation

Surprisingly, even the second option does not require you to have coding skills or even coding experience. Appy Pie also offers a workflow automation solution known as Appy Pie Connect. Workflow automation is a tool that allows you to integrate various software with each other.

With workflow automation, you can potentially integrate any software you want, giving you unmatched versatility. The best part is that Appy Pie allows you to integrate other software with Discord that can potentially act as bots. They have some guides that show you how to do it. Workflow automation is a more efficient way to create a Discord bot.

For example, if you want a poll bot for your Discord, you can integrate Discord and Google Forms and ask questions in a conversation flow automatically, just like a chatbot. However, it does not end here. You can further integrate Google Forms with your CRM software to get the information you need directly for your marketing teams.

Workflow automation can help you streamline many business processes in your organization beyond your Discord, helping you create Discord bots that can overcome your weight.


Discord bots are wonderful tools with an almost infinite number of applications. As Discord finds more uses across organizations, more applications will be found for Discord bots. Tools like Appy Pie Connect and Chatbot will be able to provide the versatility you will need to use Discord bots.

If you are an organization looking to use Discord for its business processes, you will need Discord bots in the future. It’s the perfect time to start experimenting with Discord bots. Have fun!

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