Benefits of international environmental protection treaties

It is good to see top leaders engaged in international treaties to protect the environment. Not all are supportive, but most major countries are. It is a step in the right direction. These are the benefits of seeing more leaders sign these treaties.

It is a global problem

The reason the term is global warming is that it involves various countries around the world. Therefore, it is not a problem that only affects one particular region of the world. With international treaties, we can see significant results. For example, the treaty on reducing carbon emissions can help significantly, since without it, the efforts of some countries will mean nothing.

It is something that many countries can agree on

With all the wars and disputes going on, it’s nice to know that we can at least agree on something. Of course, it is not universal, but many countries got involved. Restore even more our faith in humanity.

Holds everyone accountable

These treaties also have consequences. There are deadlines to meet and numbers to consider. Problems are easier to solve when countries are held accountable. They know that if there are no significant changes, they will not meet the requirements. There may be legislative changes or executive orders needed in each country to get things done. It is the only way to make a significant impact. For example, the government may require the recycling of aluminum. By doing so, everyone will do the right thing rather than waste resources.

People become more aware

In many countries, the people won’t care unless the government gets involved. It is the only way they realize that they have to do something. Therefore, having these tracts will wake up a lot of people. They must do their part and believe in the science behind global warming.

Protect resources

These treaties help protect environmental resources. Due to international trade, the resources of one country can be damaged by another. With these treaties there will be regulations. No one can abuse them, not even private companies. Some treaties may even designate some areas as protected and no one can touch them.

There will be more investigations

Some agreements include funding for research. We need to find ways to solve different problems, and research helps. The results can provide better focus and it means a lot. Without them, we will not know how to solve difficult problems.

We must support these agreements

Of course, these tracts do not contain everything we want to see. Some countries want to do more, while others are against it. The point is that we are heading in the right direction. Who knows? We can agree on more topics in the future. For now, it is enough that we have these tracts. Various countries can work on problems with possible consequences if they don’t do their part. Remember that environmental problems are just one of the global problems we face. If nations in conflict can agree on some things, there is hope. We could also find a way to address other issues. Let’s keep asking our leaders to take the right approach.

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