Artist Drill Remykid Releases Latest Afroswing EP ‘SWEET AND WAVEY’

Article: Remykid is a force to be reckoned with, recently tested with his latest EP, ‘SWEET AND WAVEY’. Channeling savory beats and sweet melodies, Remykid has invented their signature UK Drill brand with Afroswing-inspired undertones. Having already received great critical acclaim, there is no doubt that Remykid will dominate the British Drill scene. From the beginning of ‘Internet’ to the beat-inducing ‘Meeting Greeting’, ‘SWEET AND WAVEY’ is consistently sensational, full of warm vocals and beats reminiscent of Afrobeat j hus and Burna Boy royalty.

The Nigerian-British singer and rapper has used his Afro roots in this collection of tracks, which features new products from collaborators Infrared, Theasbeat, Certibeat, and Yoni, along with guest appearances from 9shadez. Since his teens, Remykid had been involved in music. From recording in your friend’s bedroom studio honing his craft to 2017 making yourself known not just in the UK but around the world. Released on April 11 by Family Production, the EP has already garnered a considerable number of listeners, with the promotional single ‘Who Dem Help’ peaking on the UK charts.

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