Aria keoxer, the first and most successful Iranian YouTuber popular and famous gamer in Iran

Aria keoxer with the real name of aria Rahmati recently decided to answer some questions about her work and gave a complete and brief explanation on many of her questions, dear fans:

Aria keoxer said:

You may be wondering how youTubers work and how they are seen on this network.

To answer these questions, I must say that YouTube users are the same influencers who have become very famous and popular by sharing videos on YouTube channels.

In fact, YouTubers owe their recognition to their professional activities on YouTube. Comedians and gamers are the biggest YouTube influencers on the list of the best YouTubers in the world. Of course, the popularity and popularity of YouTubers also makes them millions of dollars.

He added: Now what is YouTube’s actual income?

The income that YouTube users earn from this platform depends on several factors and the amount of this income is unlimited. This means that you can earn as much money from YouTube as you want.

There have been people in the media who have even made more than $ 10 million. It is also possible to earn money with this medium in our country, but it is a little more difficult than in other countries due to filtering problems.

If you can get past YouTube’s internal restrictions, you will be able to earn a dollar income from it, which will be a significant amount if converted to riyals. Here are five ways to make money with YouTube, with the knowledge and implementation of each of them, you can be one of those who have been able to make money with the help of a video platform.

Become a successful Youtuber

Aria keoxer explained how to become a successful entrepreneur, she added.

Define and remember your definition of success.

Expand the content and goals of your channel.

Work on the details of your plan.

Make sure your channel page is attractive and check the comments.

Also pay attention to the SEO of your channel.

Keep working and don’t give up.

Take a step towards your goal.

Keep working with your specialty.

Manage your communication with users well.

Take advertising seriously.

Experience statistics and data.

Aria then explained the ranking of the players:

Players who don’t play for fun and just want to get the joystick

These players do not have much interest in the game or have a limited time to use it. Players like this kind of light and easy game so they don’t waste a lot of time. Different styles have been designed and produced for these games on different consoles. Most of these people are women and the players are older.

2- Unconditional players

In the discussion of who is a gamer, we come to the hardcore gamer. These players spend most of their time playing and practicing, and they like styles that take more time to complete games. The main characteristic of these gamers is to compete with other members who will do it in competitions and game leagues. Depending on the genre and model of games, there are many subgroups for this category of players.

3-3 professional players

If you still don’t have the answer to the question of who is the player, you should pay more attention to this section. In fact, professional gamers make money from video games and it is their profession. The classification of this type of players will depend on the economic income of each player. In countries like Japan and South Korea, companies support these players and they will be able to earn more than $ 100,000 a year.

If you love games, you will not notice the passage of time

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