Anthony Sorella of Neighborhood Creative describes “family” as his motivation

Young marketing guru and entrepreneur Anthony Sorella highlights his desire to give back to his family as the driving force behind him.

Anthony Sorella founded Neighborhood Creative with another amazing mind in the person of Ernesto Gaita, to give businesses and individuals the best of both worlds: digital marketing and traditional marketing. Over the years, Anthony and the entire creative team at Neighborhood have continued to grow and disrupt the industry, and he has attributed the desire to give back to his family after years of supporting him as the motivation to keep going.

“My family is what really keeps me motivated. Growing up, my mother and father gave me everything they could and more. I am working towards the day when I can give them that they gave me x100 ”, said Anthony Sorella.

Anthony Sorella dreamed of being a footballer all his life until his life passed. After entering high school, Anthony discovered that entrepreneurship was his “calling.” Consequently, he left soccer to start his first business, “Hard Ticket Events,” reselling tickets to major festivals in Toronto. Anthony took out a private loan of $ 100,000 at the age of 18 to buy 600 tickets to the Digital Dreams music festival that had to sell in 2 weeks or else they would be worth nothing. Well, Anthony did that, which further underscored the correctness of his decision. However, his move did not sit well with many people, including his parents, who nonetheless continued to support him.

“To my parents’ despair, I decided to turn down my college offers and join the TD Bank workforce. While working at the bank, I continued to run my business in parallel. I knew from a few months in the bank that I needed to be my own boss. From there I quit my day job and got into nightlife and started my promotional company, Four Kings Group, ”said Anthony Sorella.

Anthony achieved some level of success with his promotional endeavor. However, he did not find the maximum satisfaction with the nightlife. For this reason, he decided to enter the world of marketing after “the late hours of the night began to take their toll.”

The result of the long hours of sleepless nights spent creating and building the Neighborhood Creative brand is apparent to all, as the company has continued to grow by leaps and bounds since it opened its doors to the public.

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