Anonymous BSC talks about how cryptocurrencies are changing the world

Cryptocurrency is an internet currency that has a real monetary value but has no physical form. It is in fashion right now. The concept first came into effect in 2008 with Bitcoin. It has captured the world’s attention through its insane growth in the market. One bitcoin totaled $ 0.0008 at its inception, but today, one coin stands at $ 38K.

With the growth of bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies have entered the market. According to Investopedia, there are over 4000 cryptocurrencies in the world as of now. These coins have given 20% more return than your average equity investment according to a study on the returns of cryptocurrencies. Anonymous BSC feels that it is here to stay and continue to grow.

We chatted with an Anonymous BSC official and discussed how cryptocurrencies are changing the world.

Ease of international payments

With the rise of the Internet, there has been a simultaneous increase in online transactions. Online transactions are moderately fast when made within a geographic border, but the procedure is slow with international payments. Payments made across borders typically take 2-3 days to reflect. In addition, the sender has to bear the burden of the transaction fee and adjust for exchange differences. With cryptocurrencies, the rate is the same globally and the transaction fee is minimal as well.

Give the holder more power

Generally, people do not store money beyond a certain amount in their home due to security concerns. Banks store a large part of the world’s money. However, a bank can also be looted or engaged in corrupt practices. Such a situation can leave the holder without cash. But with a cryptocurrency, they face no such dilemma as the currency has no physical form.

Increased security

The blockchain mechanism secures the cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a set of databases that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This database is managed and stored on multiple computers, so even if one person ends up tampering with the data in a single system, it will be easily highlighted and fixed. This feature of the cryptocurrency gives them a higher level of security that the regular currency does not have.

Although the coin is insured, there is still rampant fraud. Scammers tend to create fake websites and fake coins to loot people out of their hard-earned money. Major cryptocurrency holders tend to engage in bad practices to divert price and profit from retail investors.

A group of people who were molested by these players formed Anonymous BSC. He is working hard to stop these investors and is building a scam database. The company’s goal is to create a safe haven for cryptocurrency investors. They began operating in 2021 and have so far exposed two scammers on their social media platform.

Anonymous BSC plans to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies. They have released a one-of-a-kind token called Anon Coin. The token has a unique anti-whale and anti-abuse mechanism. This feature discourages big players from making a high volume transaction and is beneficial to retail investors.

You can learn more about the company and purchase the token through its official website.

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