Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA are taking the insurance industry by storm with their domain:

Living life strategically means thinking ahead and planning for the rainy day that may or may not happen to keep our loved ones safe. Insurance plans are intended to insure our future expenses. Understanding the benefits of what insurance does for you is the formative step in securing the future for you and your family. Under the leadership of 31-year-old Andrew Taylor and a team of insurance experts, Family First Life USA has grown into one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

With the protection of the family as the ultimate goal, Family First Life USA is proud to offer its clients more financial protection and personalized options. Your agents make thoughtful decisions as they get more out of their careers, primarily due to financial incentives and career growth opportunities.

Prior to Andrew’s rise as the founder of Family First Life USA, he started as a new insurance agent for Family First Life in 2014. His new adventure in the insurance industry began while working as a grocery bagger at a local supermarket. He was inspired after reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This personal finance book changed Andrew’s perception of finances and life.

He boldly ventured into the insurance business, but not everything was rosy at first. She has faced her fair share of problems. She developed her sales skills for more than a decade. After a while in the business, she realized that she wants to sell and haggle quite well.

FFL USA has established a strong reputation as one of the leading IMOs in the United States. Andrew Taylor is proud to say that the organization’s progress is simply unstoppable. Growing and expanding an IMO in a competitive industry did not come easily, it took long hours and hard work. Family First Life USA maintains a system that allows its agents to be more efficient and effective. Their results-oriented process has instilled a customer-centric approach to selling insurance in their agents.

Family First Life is sure to expand further in the future and has already developed ties with Integrity Marketing Group to achieve these goals. If you want to know more about Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA, you can simply check out their social media handles (link below)

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