Andrew Anastasiou wins the Start-up Entrepreneur and Scale-Up Entrepreneur awards

European-based entrepreneur Andrew Anastasiou has been awarded the Start-up Entrepreneur Award and the Scale-up Entrepreneur Award for his efforts to bring online banking solutions to more than 500 million people in Africa and South America.

Entrepreneurs and companies who show passion and experience in developing and marketing services and products that change the way a selected industry works are eligible for the Start-up Entrepreneur Award, and those who show strong growth in the scale and growth of their businesses are awarded the Scale-up Entrepreneur Award. These awards are given once a year, and each year the competition grows stronger and stronger due to advancements and skills to configure and develop new products and services.

Andrew Anastasiou has won this year’s award because of his commitment and passion in creating usable digital payment services that encourage mass market use and provide a simplified way to make and receive payments online. He is also a seed investor in some of the most notable e-money service providers in Europe and has been the brains behind bringing European banking services to non-EU businesses, enabling a smoother operational flow for businesses. with operations within the European Union, but incorporated or based outside the continent.

With companies like Stasi Capital, the corporate service provider, and LyncPay, the cash-to-coupon system that Andrew Anastasiou is testing, we expect them to become global names in a short period of time and hit headlines much more frequently in the short term. future.

The entrepreneur is also nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award that will take place in April 2021, and sources cite that Andrew Anastasiou is among the 50 finalists, and we wish him luck.

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