An interview with rising rapper and singer JTVION

How about JTVION! How are you?

“Doing good! Excited for this interview, thanks for asking.”

1) How did you come up with your stage name?

My stage name is just my shortened first name, so instead of Jatavion, it’s just JTVION.

2) When did you discover your love for music and what made you realise?

I’ve always had a love for music ever since I was little, when I was about 5 or 6 years old I remember having a little portable CD player and listening to the KISS band for hours on end. Music has always been something that fueled my day.

3) To whom or what do you credit your style of musical creation?

I attribute my style of creation to X and Juice. I’d watch hours of whatever footage I could find on the internet of these two in the studio, freestyling or explaining their creation process, and just study it from top to bottom.

4) In your current single, how did you come up with the concept?

I came up with the concept of Tell Me You Hate Me, during a moment when my girlfriend and I were arguing and I remember getting up on the mic thinking to myself, “tell me you hate me, turn around, tell me you lied” tell me that you hate me because you’re mad at me at the time, but as time goes on come back and tell me you only said that because you knew it would hurt.

5) What are some of your biggest challenges and greatest attributes when it comes to making music?

One of my biggest challenges is finding a feeling or a story to tell. It’s hard to make a song that feels like I want it to feel, often times it doesn’t feel like I want it to feel to the highest degree, but when it does. It feels amazing, it’s like I know it’s going to be a future classic for my fan base.

6) Are you the best at what you do?

I feel like I’m supposed to say yes, I’m supposed to have that arrogance and that cocky attitude, but I think I have so much more inside of me to find and unlock and polish. Right now, I’m just getting started.

7) What are your plans in the near future in regards to music after the release of this new single?

My plans for the future are to take my music as far as I can, to reach as many people as I can. Not only with my music but with the content of my character as a person. I want to represent prosperity and show others how to be persistent with what they want and make it happen, I want to represent positivity in an industry where there is very little. My goal is bigger than success and good music. It’s bigger than me.

8) Is there anyone you would like to thank or mention who helped you complete the new single?

Yes, thanks to Be Bop (@_Be_Bop) from 808 mafia, he recognized what I was capable of and sent me something unorthodox and out of the ordinary, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to make this song the way it was It was supposed to be done, it’s supposed to convey a longing for ease and it conveys emotional engagement, the rhythm holds and weaves so well with the feeling, so shout it out to her.

9) What musical advice would you give to your younger self?

Buy the recording equipment first, study the culture and sound first. But be patient because everything takes time.

10) What suggestions/advice do you have for other artists like you?

Stop rushing it. How to really stop expecting everything to come right away. Build your brand, build your character first. Allow yourself to grow and evolve, not every song has to be a hit, and not every song will be. But each song helps build a bigger picture, and don’t expect anyone to care about your passion as much as you do because they won’t. Complete it yourself, compliment your own work. No one is going to rock with you until everyone else rocks with you. It’s you against all odds, no one expects it from you, so you have to show them that you have it inside. That’s when they gravitate. Oh, and stay true to yourself. Be relatable, stay humble, and stay human. People want to relate, they want to feel a connection to your story and see similarities in your story. You are human, so make sure they know that. I never want my fans to feel like I don’t care or that I’m too good for them or anyone.

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