Amne Suedi launches investment options in Africa

Explore one of the lands with the greatest potential in the world, Africa!

It cannot be denied that a continent like Africa is the most underdeveloped of all. The Sahara desert isolated Africa from the rest of the world for a long time. Many civilizations passed and Africa remained intact. This became an obstacle between the continent and its growth. Even today, some countries are plagued by poverty and underdevelopment. But, there is a silver lining here when every country in the world is busy with concrete structures. Africa is a continent endowed with surpluses of natural and human resources. There is great cultural, ecological and economic diversity. This provides great opportunities for foreign investors to use Africa.

Amne Suedi, Founder of the Shikana Group, lists five reasons why you should invest in Africa today.

Possible demographics: A continent whose population has a median age of 19.8 years certainly has a large number of workforces. We are moving towards the time when the global workforce is shrinking, but 60% of the population is still young in Africa, which is even more than India and China. This is a symbol of economic strength. Digital transformation: Africa has been deprived of technology for a long period. But Africa today is a leader in mobile device adoption. This offers the greatest intersectoral opportunity. Mobile payment networks have paved the way for people in rural areas. This has been a great success so far and the scope for improvement still remains. Infrastructure needs: Given the abundant natural resources, foreign economies are undertaking large projects in Africa. They are trying to build facilities in the country. The invader approach, “find the resource and send it,” no longer prevails. Long-term projects are being initiated with the vision of helping Africa grow. Diversification of economies: With the availability of education, the middle class section is growing in various terms. Young professionals who are becoming aware of the brand are increasing the demand of the international supply chain on the continent. This is expected to grow enormously in the coming years, therefore these issues will need to be addressed. Expected growth: With the speed at which foreign tycoons are investing in Africa, the growth chart of Africa is expected to skyrocket compared to other economies in the coming years. The scope is very wide and the market is very open to anyone who wants to take a photo.

Shikana Group can help you invest in Africa based on your needs. Even if you have already invested in Africa but are looking for any queries, you can always contact them. The founder of this group has a strong vision of allowing foreign investors to see a strong caliber in the market. She is an entrepreneur with experience in legal, financial and corporate governance matters. One should always consider approaching her to unlock and realize the potential of her investment.

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