Amir EyZed a rising star on Twitch and YouTube

Amirsaleh Zare, also known as Amir EyZed, is one of the most viewed YouTube users and Twitch streamers in Iran. He achieved this by having a great sense of humor and interacting with his followers. You are entertaining your audience in the best way.

His Twitch stream reached 5,000 preview, and his YouTube videos garnered over 2.21M total views. This is because he not only plays games like Valorant and GTA Roleplay, but also his “chat only” streams and “Hot Moz” presentation show are very popular in the Iranian YouTube community. He used this popularity to establish the first content creator house used professionally to create content for YouTube and Twitch.

Amirsaleh started his professional career by winning a championship as Critical Gaming
at the Persian Professional League Rainbow Six Siege “Elecom Games Event”. After that, he started his social media as Amir EyZed on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. Since then, he has seen rapid growth in views and followers with the help of his charismatic entertainment and on-trend content. YouTube is one of the most popular video posting social networks that many Iranian users are watching in recent years. This allows creators like Amir EyZed to upload their unique content and share it with their audience, resulting in rapid career success.

Amir EyZed is one of many Iranian content creators who streams on twitch and uploads videos to youtube. This new generation of artists is winning the hearts of Gen Z Iranians and earning respect for their hard work and dedication. You sure achieved outstanding results and we look forward to seeing more.

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