America’s # 1 Door-to-Door Salesman Jake Nicks Says If You Serve Well, You Will Live Well

Jake Nicks is a successful entrepreneur by all definitions. He started early in business, starting his first company at age 21. Since then, he has been creating several companies; from his first Trash Away garbage collection business, to his landscape design company Outdoor Creations. He also runs a roofing company, where he managed to close more than 200 roofing deals in just eight months, cementing his place as the number one door-to-door salesperson in the country. He recently created his third firm, 6:38 Solutions, a fintech system designed for Active Customer Acquisition.

Living a life of bondage

Many aspire to become leaders, but few people are happy to serve. Jake has found a unique opportunity to turn this logic around and make it work for him. Dive deeper into the concept.

“For me, my greatest philosophy of life is that if you serve well, you will live well. When I was 20 years old, I was evicted from my apartment when I could no longer pay my rent. I had nowhere to go because I couldn’t go back to my parents’ house. I spent seven months sleeping in my car. I was doing a cleaning job at a gym called Planet Fitness, so I would take a shower in the locker room when everyone was gone for the night. “

Regardless of the circumstances, Jake dedicated himself to helping people live to the best of their ability.

“I am a firm believer that the greatest of us is a servant. My main goal was to go out and help people meet their needs. ”

Unlocking opportunity

The best way to be successful is to never stop trying. This applies to habit building through the 10,000 hour rule to mastery, and it also applies to life and business.

Jake’s never-settle attitude was so contagious, it soon began to draw attention to him. He was able to put his cleaning job behind him and move on to something a little better.

“I went from cleaning Planet Fitness to waiting tables at night, so I was able to rent someone a room. This guy liked my attitude so much that he offered me a job with him. I was able to go from a position that was not so good, to another position that was not so good, to another that was not so good yet, but I was much better than when I started. “

Many times, it seems like life is leaving us behind, but these gradual steps actually bring us closer to our dreams every day. The best way to grow is to understand that success is a marathon, not a sprint. As you progress, opportunities will continue to present you.

Despite his humble origins, Jake defied all the odds that threatened to stop him in life. It has a nugget for everyone who tries to do the same.

“I always say, first you have to jump. Your wings grow on the way down. “

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