AllMasterMinds Founder Jovan Wallace AKA Ghost Gives Some Timeless Advice

Jovan Wallace, also known as “GHOST”, is the President / Founder of AllMasterMinds. With more than 6 years of management, he has been able to navigate to a comfortable position in his career. Jovan is also a quiet investor in some other businesses within sportswear, apparel, transportation, personal protection details, clubs, and more.

Getting to where you are today was not an easy road. His way of thinking and habits have led him and introduced him to experiences that not many people ever have, which he will have forever.

New artists often ask for his advice, he tells new artists to “understand the art of time. Understand the weather and don’t try to control it. Read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power and you’ll see what I mean. “In other words, timing is everything. Become a detective of the right moment and the trends that will lead you to power.

As an artist, you must always be vigilant about timing. Most artists are always on strike when it is not the time to do it, learning to back off when the time is not right will make you come out superior and with more influence than someone who does not know how to evaluate time.

This is just one of the many gold nuggets that Jovan Wallace has. To learn more about it or just follow your next step, you can follow it below:




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