Alex Shade presents My Hero Academia for his new music video “XIII XXV”

Alex Shade, a rising pop and hip-hop music star, is about to release his new anime music video. The music star has featured My Hero Academia for his new music video, “XIII XXV”. The new music video will be released on April 30 on YouTube.

“XIII XXV” is part of his recent album, “Shade,” which was released on March 26 on major music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Since starting his pop and hip-hop music career in 2019, Alex Shade has impressed everyone with his musical abilities.

For this new music album, Alex Shade has worked intensively throughout the year. The emerging pop & hip-hop artist considers the interests of his target audience, #ShadeArmy, to release any musical work. He has a strong expectation that the music album, Shade, will dominate the music charts in the near future.

In this new music video, we find the heroes of “My Hero Academia” Bakugo and Deku in an endless fight, Alex Shade left the choice to these fans on Instagram this week for the anime’s choice! An artist close to these fans. Alex Shade is planning a future release of this music video. XIII XXV is a very personal song full of mystery.

Due to his hardworking spirit, Alex Shade has built his strong identity as a music producer, singer, and songwriter. The young musical artist is always focused on experimenting with his musical works. It is evident from the use of the anime “My Hero Academia” for his new music video, “XIII XXV”.

Alex Shade hopes that his listeners will definitely like this new concept in their musical work. In the meantime, visit his social media profiles and his YouTube channel to learn more about him and his works.

Listen to the musical anime video “XIII XXV”:

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