Advancing his ability to perform remarkable feats with intellect and creativity mixed with hard work and perseverance is Jejuan Smith.

Jejuan is a multi-talented creative mind who has proven his prowess not only as a model and actor, but also as an athlete and acrobatic.

People show their mastery and prowess in one or two things in general, but extremely talented are those who show their talents in not just one, but multiple fields. They are the rare gems in the world that not only enter a particular field, but also excel in whatever they set out to do. Illuminating the mighty lights of pure talents is a man who seized every opportunity that came his way and turned every ordinary opportunity into extraordinary and transformative opportunities for them. He is Jejuan Smith, a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The incredible thing about this inexhaustible source of talent is that its dominance is not only in one field, but in many sectors. People know him as an impressive multitasker who can probably achieve success in everything he does.

Today, Jejuan is a successful model, actor, acrobatic, and athlete. While in elementary school, he was excellent at sports and won a soccer scholarship. His career started quite early when he was only 16 years old. She first ventured into modeling when she started working with a local clothing line; this resulted in the opportunity to appear in various music videos.

Since then, life has always offered him many opportunities. Jejuan initially appeared as a background extra on Drop Dead Diva and other hit shows as well. His fate led him to become a stunt stunt double where he worked on films such as Sleepless Nights, Ant Man, and the AtlantaFX series. With his tireless efforts in the industry, he became a director and got into the writing and filmmaking side. He directed and acted in the movie “Walk A Mile” with others whom he met through networking.

The film, which was released in 2016 under its own production called JSPRODUCTIONSGROUP, won much praise from critics and audiences alike, where it won 3 awards at film festivals. Recently, he even aired on BET for the hit holiday movie “Twas the Chaos before Christmas,” which featured him, Sherri Shepherd, and others. From being a stand-in for actors and artists like Tyler James Williams, Morris Chestnut, TI, Donald Glover, Micheal Ealy, and more, life has placed him in a position where he can proudly call himself an actor, writer, and director.

Through his production group, Jejuan also focuses on branding work with water and wine design products and would soon start his water company. Currently, it is the model for FASHION NOVA MEN along with many other leading brands. Apart from that, Jejuan has also modeled during menswear and womenswear week and has been a New York fashion wizard.

Since the last ten years, Jejuan has been a model and has been the face of multiple big name magazines. Currently, he has two projects in the pipeline and many other modeling jobs as well.

Jejuan is a creative and creative mind who has continually demonstrated his mastery in each of his adventures in life and this has made him a name synonymous with success.


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