Ad spy tools help you find out how your competitors’ ads work

Each ad spy tool has some special feature. There are several ad spying tools available on the market that have their pros and cons. You can’t pin down a perfect one. The user will have to do their own research according to their needs and find which one best suits their needs.

One of the powerful ad intelligence spy tools is the AdSpy tool which has over 75 million ads in over 80 languages ​​in over 195 countries. One can filter demographics such as age, gender and can sort the ads by Daily Likes and Total Likes. It also allows you to filter the ads that run on specific platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Get the free trial of AdSpy first to see how this tool is beneficial for your business.

Magic Adz, on the other hand, is one of the best Facebook ad spy tools. It is specially designed to spy on ads created for affiliate marketing and electronic communications brands. One can find the hidden Facebook ads with their landing page, which helps the advertiser to do a deep analysis of the landing page, strategy and sales funnel.

However, the user should always remember that ads and creatives should not be copied. The applications are specifically to know how the competitor’s advertising campaign is doing, what are its most outstanding characteristics, how you can develop your own campaign by learning from the goods or mistakes of the competition. You need to take the idea from there and build your own campaigns using your own creativity.

Ad spy tools help marketers scan many ads on a daily basis from various countries, depending on the application they are using. Like Magic Ads has the tools to spy on Facebook daily ads for more than 50 countries, while AdSpy can do it for Instagram and Facebook ads, both for more than 150 countries. Now, it is up to the users and their brands which spy tool to choose depending on the type of scope they are looking for and what their product is.

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