Aarya Jadhav – The emerging model and actress who is taking great strides towards success.

How she went from a medical professional to a model and actress is an interesting read.

Determined and strong-headed women from all over India have made their distinctive mark in various fields from medicine to sports to entertainment for decades, their stellar achievements have brought much honor to the country. The number of successful women in the country is so great that if we started counting and writing names, we would run out of pages.

Of the many women who have reached stars and paved their own path to success is Aarya Jadhav, who has not only done exceptionally well in her former profession as a medical specialist, but now aspires to rank first in her modeling career. and acting. . It is interesting to know what caused Aarya Jhadav to change course drastically. Let’s take a look at the chart of his career and how he adapted to the changes in his journey to pursue his passion.

Aarya was always interested in the creative field, but had to follow the traditional path to jump-start her career after completing her Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine at a prestigious institute in Pune, which was followed by a management check from IIM, Bangalore, in Business Analytics. Her work assignment took her to East African countries like Kenya, while working for a non-profit health care organization where she worked.

However, his mind was constantly looking for better opportunities outside of his field of work, which was not related to the field of medicine. The glamor and entertainment industry was what appealed to Jhadav and he desperately wanted to get into that realm.

Finally, he decided to give it a try and landed in the United States to try his luck where his heart was. “For the first few days I had to go through sleepless nights and had to work a series of strange jobs to stay put and establish my career, but the opportunities gradually opened up and I took them at the right time,” says Aarya.

While pursuing her modeling and acting career, Aarya Jhadav worked simultaneously to tone her body and, in months of hard work, emerged with a muscular six-pack physique that earned her some modeling assignments for some big brands. He soon got his big break as the lead in a 17-minute short film called Hitchhiker and that marked the beginning of his career in the entertainment industry.

He is currently working with one of the most important agencies, Cast Station, and has several interesting projects underway that will soon see the light of day. Stay tuned for more information on this talent powerhouse in the near future.

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