A young Austrian entrepreneur, Stephan Walouch, is inspiring everyone to do their own projects

Stephan Walouch, a young Austrian entrepreneur, is reaching new heights in the world of e-commerce dropshipping. By running his own business at just 19 years old, Stephan Walouch is motivating each young man to be their own boss.

Stephan is the best example of how to learn to use growth opportunities and choose the right paths in life to achieve success at a young age.

Since his school days, he was not interested in the traditional ways of learning things and this attitude of his caused many problems in his school life. After leaving his school, Stephan started working as an IT technician, but it didn’t give him any satisfaction. While working as an IT technician, he started building his Instagram niche sites and affiliate marketing brand.

He quit his job after working for two and a half years and after that, the young Austrian entrepreneur started working to establish his own brand. Stephen explored new things in business models like network marketing, affiliate marketing, and creating a marketing agency.

The year 2017 turned out to be a lucky year for him as he launched his own dropshipping store in the world of e-commerce. Due to his intense efforts and hard work, Stephan Walouch earned $ 10,000 in his first month. And after two years, Stephen Walouch made $ 360,000k in sales in one month and that gave him a taste of success at a very young age.

Stephan Walouch never followed any traditional way of learning and never relied on grades and qualifications to judge his ability or talent.

He believes in learning anything by using the Internet. Known on Instagram as s7e7han, he is inspiring everyone to take advantage of the opportunities available in today’s digital world to establish himself as a brand.

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