A veteran in the tattoo industry, Ben Shaw is now hell-bent on getting industry ethics

Ben Shaw turned his passion into a profession at the young age of 20 and now, 20 years later, he remains strong in the profession and aims to develop ethics in the tattoo industry in Albuquerque and the state. He is an expert in the art of tattooing and constantly works to improve the art.

Getting a folk art tattoo

The New Mexico tattoo industry is in high demand for tattoos from people belonging to different professions. Body tattoos are very popular and the income generated contributes greatly to the local economy. People have loved this art for a long time and even tourists love to get tattooed here.

Spread awareness

Ben Shaw understands the popularity of tattoos that has grown over time and therefore wants people to only target the right legal artists. He wants tattoo seekers to stay away from unlicensed tattooists. They are practicing illegally in New Mexico and the people, for the most part, are unaware of them. There are several side effects of getting tattoos from these unlicensed tattoo artists. Ben Shaw seeks to raise awareness about the same.

Tattoo regulation

The regulation of tattoos in New Mexico was under the control of the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists until a few years ago, so Ben Shaw wrote Senate Bill 275 with the help of Senator Jacob Candelaria to bring ethics to the industry. . With determined efforts and work, within a year the ‘Body Art Practitioners Board’ was formed and today Shaw is serving as chairman of the board. He is strictly against the illegal practice of tattoo art and wants to end the threat as soon as possible. Not only is he working with the Board on it, but he has also co-founded the Guild of Ethical Tattooists and Archetype Tattoo.

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