A look into the life of Amber Wentworth: health empowerment and self-acceptance

In a society that encourages unrealistic body images for both women and men, it becomes difficult to identify a healthy diet that suits your specific needs. Amber Wentworth is a health advocate who spent her entire life struggling with body image issues and going on diets that turned her into a full-blown anorexic and bulimic by the age of 15. After discovering a diet that significantly changed her life, she decided to spend the rest of her life spreading awareness about a truly healthy lifestyle to prevent people from suffering the years of pain she went through.

Amber Wentworth, also known as Lone Star Keto Girl on social media, is currently a nutrition and life coach who aims to empower people and help them achieve their health goals through diet and lifestyle changes. lifetime. She is a health podcast host for her podcast called Lone Star Keto and a podcast host for the success stories podcast MeatRX. She is also a carnivore trainer for MeatRX to help promote a carnivore diet that worked wonders for her. She started her coaching business called Lone Star Coaching to help change the current system that normalizes taking medication and having little energy to achieve the desired body and fails to raise awareness of major health issues like obesity.

Amber shared that her issues with weight and body image began at age 10. After she was bullied and embarrassed by her classmates for developing faster than others, she started to hate her body and she felt that she was deformed. Due to pressure from society, she started dieting at the age of 12 and since then she has tried numerous diets for more than 40 years. After having children, she started gaining weight again and hated her body for it. Her condition worsened to the point that she refused to be seen in public for fear of being judged. This affected her mental health and she became severely depressed. All of this added up to create major health problems in our early 40s, including dangerously high blood pressure, prediabetes, anemia, severe acid reflux, Reynaud’s syndrome, and many more.

Losing weight was never a problem, but he was never able to maintain that weight loss. After years of trying diets that failed to address hunger and hormonal balance, she finally found a diet that changed her life for the better. She noticed that her mental, physical, and emotional health improved dramatically and finally understood that the cause of her health problems was misinformation about a healthy lifestyle rather than her own body.

“My goal is to empower as many people as possible to get their health back and get out of the sick care system using food as medicine and lifestyle changes, so no one else has to suffer as much as I do,” he says. Amber Wentworth. Her goal is to build a new perception of how healthy you should look and feel in order to help people dealing with health and body image issues.

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