A Guide to 10 Energy Saving Tips for Your Startup

So you have decided to start a business from scratch. Well, it will be a test of resource management and sound decision making in these initial stages. It is understandable that you want to maximize your profits, but know that saving on your energy and utility bills is the best form of savings for your business, as it allows you to generate additional income. Here are 10 tips to save energy!

1. Get an energy audit:

Obtaining an energy audit allows your company to have a baseline for energy use. It lets you know approximately how much energy your business needs, allowing you to have a better perspective and wasting less energy. Make sure a full and thorough audit is performed by a professional!

2. Use programmable thermostats:

Gone are the days of using manual thermostats. By using programmable thermostats, you can use technology to change the temperature according to the temperature of a certain room and the ideal setting you placed. This allows for maximum efficiency when it comes to maintaining the temperature of the office.

3. Use LEDs as lighting:

LED lights are a much more energy efficient light source compared to incandescent bulbs. In fact, studies show that LED lights save up to 75% more energy compared to incandescent lights.

Four. Natural lighting:

Use natural lighting as much as possible; Take advantage of that glorious sunshine throughout the day by opening the blinds and using the windows.

5. Turn off the lights:

Make sure to turn off the lights when no one is in a certain room.

6. Use fans:

Air conditioning units may seem like your only hope during summers, but fans are ideal when it’s not too hot. It not only saves money but also provides a good source of air ventilation!

7. Turn off the computer at the end of the day:

Make sure to turn off all computers or other forms of equipment present in the office. Unplugging devices and making sure they are turned off when no one needs to use them is very good practice.

8. Get comfortable with your energy provider:

Make sure there is good communication between you and your energy supplier. You should feel absolutely comfortable and trust that your provider offers you the best deals and rates. If not, it’s extremely easy to do a power business comparison and their price comparisons on reputable websites like Utility Bidder.

9. Get energy efficient equipment:

Make sure you get the best and most efficient equipment for your workplace. There may be a temptation to save money up front and cheap but usable equipment. However, just by getting equipment that is energy efficient, you will end up saving much more in the long run. Therefore, make sure your devices have an “ENERGY STAR” rating, as this implies that they are energy efficient.

10. Reduce peak demand:

A great way to save energy is to reduce the energy-related work you do during peak hours (9 AM to 5 PM). Be sure to use all of your heavy machinery, either early in the morning or in the evening; this will end up saving you a lot of money.

These are all the tips you need to manage energy efficiently for your start-up business! Best of luck!

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