7 shopping tips to save money when buying a new device


Nowadays there seems to be a device for almost everything, and humans can’t resist the urge to constantly buy new devices. Tech companies have picked up on this obsession and poured thousands of dollars into TV commercials, social media ads, and city billboards to make us think of these shiny gadgets almost all the time.

Yes, we know these gadgets make your life easier and more fun, but don’t let the gadget obsession wipe out your bank accounts. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your TV or shopping for a new phone, keep these seven tips in mind when shopping for your new device:

Do market research

Please don’t wake up, go to a tech store and buy a new device. Walk around several local stores and search online for your preferred device. Compare the offers and consult the opinions of other users before making the purchase. Keep in mind that high prices don’t indicate high quality, so check out features, warranties, and refund options before deciding on a device.

Buy at the right time

As you may have noticed, there is a particular time of the year when tech companies offer deals, device deals, coupons, and discount codes to boost their sales. These times are usually during the holidays, the anniversary of the company or the end of the year.

Take advantage of these deals to get great deals on new high-quality devices.

Avoid the latest releases

For most of us, we upgrade our devices not because the old one is disabled, but because we’ve given in to pressure to buy the latest version. Newer models are expensive due to competition. If you want to save money, go for older versions of the same device. They have most of the same features (if not all) and are more affordable.

Use credit card rewards and promotional coupons

Some credit card companies reward you with points when you purchase goods and services with your card. Redeem these points to help pay for all or part of the money.

Some tech companies collaborate with independent bloggers and affiliate sites to give promotional codes and discount codes to customers. Search for the device you want to buy on Google and check if you can get any discount at a certain time. You can use Papa John promo code and you will see many amazing offers from different brands.

Buy refurbished models

Refurbished appliances are as good as new. Unlike pre-owned devices, refurbished devices are repaired, defective parts are replaced, and quality tested. Choose the refurbished product if you want to save money because the refurbished model serves the same purpose as the new one at the end of the day.

Consider selling or trading in your old device

When you buy a product on a tight budget, you want to save as much money as you can. Selling your old device will give you a few dollars to add to your savings for the new device. A well-maintained device will earn you more money than a faulty and damaged device.

Some companies also accept the exchange of old devices for new ones. You may have to add some money to get the new device, but you will end up buying the new device for half the price. Trade-ins also require a well-maintained device, so make sure your device isn’t too damaged.

Avoid taking an extended warranty

An extended warranty is appropriate if your lifestyle or daily activities are likely to damage your device. For example, if you have young children, you may want to consider the warranty on your television. The warranty increases the total price of a device.

If you are confident that you can take good care of your device, skip the extended warranty. This will take a few dollars off your purchase price, thus saving you money.

final thoughts

Don’t let the purchase of a new device stretch your pockets. Save money by buying refurbished products, trading in an old device for a new one, taking advantage of discount codes, coupons and holiday deals.

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