7 Secrets Professionals Won’t Tell You About Affiliate Marketing

It takes a lot of determination and hard work to make a steady income from affiliate marketing and often we wish there was some kind of shortcut we could take.

While that shortcut doesn’t exist unfortunately, I can help you with the next best thing: whisper it quietly, because here are seven secrets you won’t hear from professionals in the field.

1. Don’t just target Google, diversify

While ranking high on Google’s SERPs is one of the best ways to drive traffic, it shouldn’t be the only way. Don’t get me wrong, you should stand out on Google, but you shouldn’t rely on it as your only source.

Use social media to share the posts, join Facebook groups with like-minded people and promote your links there, reply to comments on interactive platforms like Reddit and Quora so you have opportunities to genuinely help people in need with your links. .

2. Look for lifetime commissions

This is a brilliant way to ensure steady and continuous income rather than one-time payments. Lifetime commissions essentially mean that you receive a commission each time a customer registered with you makes a purchase. This means you need to convince them only once, and if they are looking to order similar products, that’s a home run and a half.

Of course, these offers are not widely available and would have quite a bit of competition, so stay tuned. It is useful if you have signed up for similar programs in the niche, as your experience and knowledge of the product can help you gain an edge over others.

3. High-priced marketing

While many experts in the field would advise you to choose a series of closely related products to earn more commissions, there is another way to earn a lot of commissions but with comparatively less effort. With high-priced affiliate marketing, that’s exactly what you accomplish: choosing fewer products to advertise and still making a great deal of money.

If you want to know more about “what is high priced affiliate marketing” and “how it works”, read about it at Affiliate-Academy.net

4. Promote as much as you write

Writing content that attracts people is the best thing you can do for your website; after all, content is king, but that’s no secret. Here’s one though – you need to focus on promoting your website as much as writing content for it.

Ensuring that your carefully curated content reaches the people who would contribute to your sales figures directly or indirectly is essential if you want your effort to pay off.

5. Free trial / samples

Everyone loves to know what they are buying, and the best way to give them an idea of ​​your potential purchase is by offering free samples or trial periods of the product. This helps them confirm for themselves if the product lives up to the claims about it, and the very word “free” attracts customers like no other.

About 70% of trial users eventually become permanent buyers of the product, so promoting free trials of a product is a good way to increase sales.

6. Offers / discounts

The best alternative to letting people have the entire product for free is to reduce a portion of the price. Like a swarm of bees to fresh flowers, people love the good deals on the market. A big discount on the use of your exclusive code lures people to make the final leap to the product they may have been undecided about.

Affiliates usually offer you discount codes to use for their clients, but if you don’t get any, try emailing the program about it – you might get lucky with a coupon offer.

7. Be honest about weaknesses

As much as you focus on how good a product or service is, be honest about the shortcomings as well. This benefits your customers as they are wary of the issues mentioned by you.

Articles that focus only on a product’s strengths seem like nothing more than an advertisement, and people would be grateful if you point out where a product is missing. It increases your credibility, and when you praise a product that deserves praise, people tend to strongly believe and buy it.

Author Bio

Res Marty has been a successful affiliate marketer since 2018, working towards his goal of working from home full time and making money online. He also founded the Affiliate Academy, which is a website intended to provide newcomers to the world of affiliate marketing with a comfortable position in solving any queries they may have.

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