7 Distribution Channels for App Marketing

Promoting any app requires the use of effective strategies and it is also important to use the best distribution channels to reach more people. However, it becomes somewhat challenging to choose the right distribution channels for app marketing. There are many distribution channels available in today’s digital age that help any business to promote their app with ease.

Social networks

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, offer a great medium to promote any app to the target audience. It’s easy to interact with people using social media marketing and it delivers great results in no time.


Email marketing also acts as an effective distribution channel to establish a strong connection with people and helps to receive immediate results for app promotion.

app stores

There are many app stores available that act as a distribution channel for app marketing. One of the best app stores is Amazon because it is very popular worldwide. And it can help any app get attention in a limited time.

mobile advertising network

Mobile app advertising is another distribution channel that can help in effective app marketing. Google Ads is the best advertising medium that helps in promoting an app to generate positive results.

mobile marketing directories

Mobile marketing directories are useful for targeting the audience in a particular niche. From the different types of directories available, one should select the one that suits the requirements.


Influencers like TV stars, singers, and other popular personalities can provide a suitable distribution channel for the promotion of any mobile app.

TV commercials

TV Ad is one of the effective app distribution channels that can help in the promotion of a mobile app. It is an expensive method of marketing but it provides excellent results for app promotion.

Here are some of the best app distribution channels to promote apps. For more detailed information about app distribution channels, you can visit the official website of App Samurai.

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