5 ways to establish your career in the music industry with King P

Pursuing your passion for music is not easy and can be very labor intensive. The dynamics of today’s music have successfully opened the doors for many of these artists to grow their fan base a million fold before their time.

To find out what it’s like to build a singing career, we had a chat with King Pa, aka Phillip Solomon Stewart. King P is a Jamaican composer, recording artist, actor and saxophonist. He started his career in 2011 with two cover albums recording on saxophone, “Stand” and “I Need You Now”, and it is in 2018 with his song ‘Good Vibes’, that he receives worldwide recognition.

With his experience in the music industry, he shares some tips

Be consistent: Most musicians sabotage their own music careers by living in a constant state of fear. It’s a tough industry, it takes time and work to get your name out there and build momentum. “It is a real routine and it can take many years before receiving great recognition. So, understand the words of the late great Nipsey Hussle, “it’s a marathon”! Like anything else, if you want it bad enough, it will get better over time with consistency,” said King P. Red: Your network is your net worth. Most of the time, it’s about who you meet in life, and the music industry is no exception. Building relationships in your local community and organizing small concerts is crucial. You can network in your neighborhood, city, and school by learning about the different music venues and building relationships with other local artists and people involved in music. You will soon see your network expand. Good content: Being a complete package of singer, actor, saxophonist and composer, King P opened many doors for himself. By cultivating a reputation for being well-rounded, multi-talented performers, many singers are able to seize more opportunities than singing alone would have afforded them. Being a singer can also involve developing a compelling stage presence, learning dance moves and choreography, and finding ways to connect with the audience. Some singers also develop perfect acting skills and public speaking skills. Still others play instruments and compose their music and lyrics. Good music: listen to as much music as you can. Being a Vocalist Quality time spent singing is very important. Improvise with different techniques. Develop your voice like an instrument and take advantage of every opportunity you get. “After all, it’s your song that will take you to the top, make sure it really stands out!” he emphasized. Marketing: There is a difference between making music as a hobby and making music as a profession. Just like in business, presentation is important. Part of treating your music career like a business involves presenting yourself as an artist to be taken seriously. King P exclaimed, “Keep a business card and have your personal website. Have your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram. YouTube is a great platform to upload your performances and rehearsals of all your songs.”

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