5 potential dangers lurking in your kitchen

Danger lurks everywhere in the kitchen. Unfortunately, people don’t always know what those dangers are, so they overlook them and put their families at risk. The following are five potential hazards that you should be aware of and be able to address.

1. Bacteria on the cutting board

One thing you have to worry about is your cutting board. Ideally, you should have a cutting board for the meat and another for the vegetables. You want to wash the cutting board in soapy water every time you use it. Bacteria can accumulate on these surfaces and this could lead to all kinds of contamination. You and your family can be exposed to things like Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria, just to name a few things. You can avoid this danger by cleaning the cutting board after each use.

2. Poor quality cookware

The next thing to do is stay away from low-quality pots and pans. Avoid ceramic cookware made with sol-gel. These pots and pans release silicone oil when heated, which is as unappetizing as it sounds. Not enough testing has been done on this material for people to know if it is safe. You don’t need to expose yourself or your family to this kind of danger when there are alternatives. Opt for cast iron and blue carbon steel pots and pans.

3. The chili pepper problem

Peppers may not seem too threatening, but they can be if you don’t take precautions. Handling peppers can endanger you and your children. The contents of chili peppers can burn your skin and damage your eyes. This is why it is recommended that you wear gloves when handling bell peppers or that you wash your hands thoroughly after handling a bell pepper. The same goes for hot sauce and sauces, as well as any other food that contains capsaicin. If you touch your eyes, you will burn. What if you forget to wash your hands and touch your child’s eyes with those hands? You must be careful when handling the peppers.

4. Crowded shelves

The next thing to watch out for is overloading your cabinets or refrigerator. If you buy too much of something, try to organize things so that you can place everything safely, or start throwing out things you are not using or things that have gone bad. If you don’t, you or someone in your family could have an accident. If you or someone in your family pull the door of your refrigerator or cabinet too roughly, something could fall, potentially hurting someone in your family.

5. Contaminated towels

You should avoid using kitchen and tea towels multiple times and using the same towel for multiple tasks. Cross contamination is possible if you use a dirty towel to dry your hands or dishes. You must keep the towels separate. The towel used to dry the dishes should not be used to dry your hands. Make sure to clean the towel bar where you hang the towels. Bacteria could stay there and could contaminate your clean towels.

These are some potential dangers lurking in your kitchen, in addition to things like sharp knives and fire. The kitchen demands your full attention, so try to stay safe while cooking or washing dishes.

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