4 self-care tips for dealing with anxiety

According to research, more than 40 million Americans (adults) suffer from an anxiety disorder each year. Sadly, only less than 40% of them seek professional help and treatment. The largest percentage choose to ignore the symptoms, while others look for alternative ways to control them. Here are some of the best ways to deal with anxiety symptoms.

Relaxation training

This technique involves the use of guided relaxation exercises to help the body and mind to voluntarily relax. Therefore, you need to work your muscles methodically, starting with your toes up to your neck muscles to trigger a feeling of relaxation. There are numerous online tutorials on how to do this.


Physical exercise is one of the best remedies to combat anxiety symptoms. Exercise causes increased blood flow to all parts of the body, and especially to the brain. Increased blood flow plays a crucial role in facilitating hormonal balance, allowing one to relax.

Self-help books on cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been shown to help improve the lifestyle of the patient, especially patients with anxiety. The books use theories that teach one to remain calm even in a stressful environment. The National Institutes of Health particularly recommend the self-help books Feeling Good and New Mood Therapy for patients struggling with anxiety. Getting familiar with these books can help you learn better ways to manage stress and anxiety.


Meditation has proven to be an excellent tool for relieving anxiety. It allows one to block out any stressful condition and focus on two things, breathing and bodily sensations. Focusing on your breathing and tapping on your inner qi allows the body / mind to calm down, pushing anxiety at bay.

The first step in overcoming anxiety is recognizing it and then identifying ways to control it. Channeling your inner energy into things that do matter and blocking out everything else also helps control anxiety. Although the remedies described above might work for some people, it would be wise to seek professional help if it persists.

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