$ 0- $ 40 million: how Oscar Chávez, founder of Growthly, changed the game

Referrals do not build business; marketing does. These are the words that drive Growing, a company founded by sales, branding and marketing expert Oscar Chávez. Chávez is also an international speaker, Amazon best-selling author, entrepreneur, and president of The boardroom, a company responsible for more than $ 17 billion in mergers and acquisitions and more than $ 1.2 billion in sales.

However, her pilgrimage to becoming a global icon has not been a walk in the park. He has fought many battles, including wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on ineffective lead generation strategies, public humiliation in The Voice Australia, and business harassment.

Early life

When war broke out in El Salvador, Oscar’s family requested asylum in Australia. Oscar was only two years old. Two suitcases full of books and belongings were all his family had. Life was unbearable. Her parents had to work two jobs to make ends meet. And since every cloud has a ray of light, it was from this situation that Oscar cultivated his daily practice of gratitude and developed a productive work ethic to create a life of abundance and joy.

Things took a different path when Oscar turned 16. His entrepreneurial quest was stimulated and stirred in his heart. He joined the entertainment industry, as a corporate magician, earning more in a weekend than his peers would in nearly a month. Oscar continued the “non-traditional” career path and entered a ruthless world of corporate sales in his early twenties, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Apple and Redbull.

His initial success was met with much resentment from his older counterparts, who could not comprehend the idea of ​​being outdone by a young man.

Generating over $ 40 million in sales

It is not easy to achieve millionaire sales in business. However, Oscar has gone through thick and thin to reach $ 40 million in sales. It has achieved this goal through:

His “connection first, formalities last” approach

Chávez says that many salespeople are on the side of shoving their product or service down the throat of their prospects in the first meeting. Oscar says the purpose of the first meeting is to connect with the potential customer and unravel the important issues they experience on a day-to-day basis. By doing this, Chávez says you can build your business case using your potential client’s own words, which you can then present to key stakeholders at a later time.

Oscar says that salespeople tend to talk over and over again about the characteristics of what they are selling and end up talking to the potential customer about a follow-up meeting because they have all the information they need to delay the purchase decision. In sales, time is money, so think about how you use your time with a potential customer wisely.

Networking with high profile people.

From Hollywood party boy Charlie Sheen to celebrity physician Dr. Phil and Guinness World Record holder for fast learning Howard Berg, Chávez continues to find ways to learn from the world’s best artists. To be a high-performing actor, Chávez says he must learn from other high-performing artists. So what does Chávez have to say about Charlie Sheen? In times of crisis, hardship and despair, Chávez says people have two options: continue to do what they are doing blindly or do the terrifying inner work necessary to resolve the trauma and come out on the other side more “whole”, as is. Sheen’s case. “Celebrities live such challenging lives in front of the spotlight and the media loves to abuse it,” says Oscar. Most people would rather watch someone indulge in the ‘funniest home videos’ than go to any lengths to lift others up. I do not”says Chávez.

Oscar Chavez, who does not depart from the limelight, entered season 2 of The Voice on Team Delta, Australia, to promote the music of his (former) band. Suns of Cascadia. Oscar promises that to this day, people still recognize him for his television performance of “Bed of Roses” (which has more than 1.7 million views on YouTube). According to Oscar, being a familiar face helps open up what would otherwise have been a closed conversation, and he said it’s important for people to make themselves seen and heard if they are looking to be successful in business.

“It is in our human nature to make quick judgments. Sometimes we can control it, sometimes we can’t. But one thing is for sure in business: people do business with people they trust. A familiar face is considered more trustworthy than an unfamiliar one, so do what you can to be ‘familiar’ – be active on social media, go to networking events, seek out branding and PR opportunities. Doing all these things is better than waiting for the phone to ring. ” says Oscar, who currently helps CEOs close 6-figure deals each month on LinkedIn with no ad spend with his 8 Figure CEO Learning Management System.


Are you leaving the money on the table? For a limited time only, Oscar is giving away his $ 3 million LinkedIn playbook at no cost. To learn more about how Oscar can help you grow and scale your business, you can contact Oscar Chavez at;

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